The Sunday Shootout follows the same exact format as the Friday Night Special, but we host it on a Sunday afternoon at the end of the weekend.  Like the Friday Night Special, the Sunday Shootout is limited to the first 60 non goalies, and the first 4 goalies who sign up. Participation is on an individual basis - no teams may enter. Teams are assembled by Shinny USA management to make sure each team has an even blend of skill levels to be competitive against every other team. The evening consists of the four teams each comprised of up to 15 skaters and one goalie, each playing each of the other three teams in three consecutive fifty-minute games, Shinny style. If you're not familiar with "Shinny style," please see the Player Code of Conduct in our Resources section. There is no champion, we play for bragging rights only! Our next Sunday Shootout will be in the Summer of 2016 at Ice Works in Aston.