The mission of Shinny USA is to provide a fun, safe and organized recreational ice hockey
program for adults regardless of their playing experience. We strive to be the number one
alternative to competitive adult ice hockey leagues for individuals seeking a more relaxed
atmosphere wherein they can enjoy the game, enjoy the company and camaraderie of their
fellow participants, and contribute to their own wellness and physical well-being.

Participants in all Shinny USA events represent Shinny USA, and as such are expected to
conduct themselves in a positive and disciplined manner which will promote our mission and
reflect favorably on our hockey program. The following general “guidelines” were set forth
to foster the promotion of our mission, and are to be followed by anyone participating in a
Shinny USA event:

Be On time

Participants should be on time for all games and Shinny USA programs. Participants are
expected to arrive early enough to dress, stretch, fill water bottles, warm up, etc. so
that the game or program can begin at the appointed time without delay.

Be Respectful

Participants should treat other participants, their friends and family, rink personnel and
Shinny USA management and its representatives with respect, both on and off the ice.

Be Supportive

Every participant should attempt to be a positive influence on their fellow Shinny
participants by being encouraging and by refraining from making negative or derogatory
comments. Better players should be a positive influence on those still learning and do
what they can to help them become more confident in their game. Participants should
be willing to switch teams at any point before or during games to keep the games evenly
matched. Participants should also be willing to switch to another rink when there are an
insufficient number of players on other rinks.

Be Careful

Participants are expected to refrain from any rough play that could put themselves or
other participants at risk to physical injury. This includes excessive digging in the
corners and pounding away at goalies who have covered the puck, and excessive
physical play in front of the net. Participants are also expected to be careful with their
sticks and do their best to keep them down. Participants are expected to refrain from
intentionally slashing the arms and gloves of other participants and from intentional
tripping. Checking and fighting are strictly prohibited and may result in expulsion from
the program.

Be Safe

Participants should recognize that ice hockey is a “fast-moving” sport which, despite our
best efforts to play in a safe manner, often involves incidental contact with sticks, pucks,
boards and/or other participants. All Shinny USA participants are required to wear the
following protective gear: shin guards, elbow pads, hockey gloves and helmet.
Additionally, Shinny USA management highly recommends that participants also wear
hockey pants, shoulder pads and face protection to protect against as much incidental
contact as possible.

Be a Hustler

Participants should maximize their workouts by skating as hard as they can on every
shift. Shifts should be limited to 45 seconds to a minute when the number of subs
allows for it. Quicker shifts allow you to skate harder while you’re on the ice, and create
a faster-paced game.

Be Considerate

Participants should recognize the mission of Shinny USA and accept that the
organization of its programs entails a lot of time and effort by Shinny management. As
such, all participants are expected to abide by the policies and procedures put forth by
Shinny management. This includes: playing on the rink you are assigned to as listed on
the daily rosters (unless asked to change by Shinny management), playing only on
those days you have signed up and paid for unless a request to play on another day was
approved by Shinny management, paying on time, refraining from bringing guests
unless pre-approved by Shinny management, diligently responding to the daily
attendance emails as accurately as possible (i.e. show up when responding “yes”),
paying all fees for seasons for which you have signed up and been confirmed, and other
policies and procedures that management may from time to time implement.
The guidelines listed above have been set forth to promote the mission of Shinny USA and
to ensure that our program remains strong. By choosing to participate in any Shinny USA
program, you willfully acknowledge this Code of Conduct and accept it as a condition of
participation. Shinny USA’s management reserves the right to revoke the participation
privileges of ANYONE who does not comply with this Code of Conduct, or who in
management’s sole discretion is deemed to be detrimental to our program.