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  • There are no face-offs – all play shall begin from behind the goal line of the team with puck possession.
  • Opening puck possession will be determined by coin flip.
  • Upon any stoppage of play, puck possession is always awarded to the team defending the half of ice on which play was stopped.  Possession of the puck at the time of the stoppage is irrelevant.
  • A stoppage of play shall occur immediately upon any of the following:
    • The scoring of a goal
    • Injury
    • The puck leaves the playing area without returning on its own
    • Offsides by the attacking team
  • When play begins from the defending team’s goal line, all players on the opposing team must be outside of the blue line, and remain there until the puck reaches the face-off dots.  Once the puck reaches the face-off dots, the opposing team can freely enter the zone and challenge the puck.
  • Fighting is strictly prohibited and will result in expulsion from the tournament.
  • All disputes will be settled by the off-ice official.
  • All games shall be played with a running clock for the duration of the established game length, without exception.