Friday Night Special: Interview with Pat Cronin


A graduate from Millersville University, Pat played ice hockey for Millersville from 1994 – 1997. During that period he helped lead the team to victory in the 1994 – 1995 DVCHC Championship. Pat was also selected as starting goaltender for the 1996 – 1997 DVCHC All-Star Game. He was first invited to skate with Shinny USA in January 2000 and went on to join the Shinny USA Leadership Team as Director of Player Recruitment in June 2011. His responsibilities include recruiting hockey enthusiasts of all levels and providing operational support for Shinny USA. He’s also still an active participant on the ice.

How did the Friday Night Special event come to be?

We wanted to have a “night out” similar to a poker night, but on ice. It’s a laid-back party, so there are no winners and the only thing you need to bring — aside from your equipment — is a good attitude.

What’s the main purpose of the event?

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The main purpose of the event is to give current players a different type of event and use the night to encourage new players to join our morning programs. Our typical programs are early in the morning so having an event at night is a great change of pace for our regulars. New players may also not want to come out at 6am before they know what they’re getting into. For them, it’s like a test drive of Shinny USA.

What should people expect from the night?

Three Shinny style abbreviated games — approximately 50 minutes per game — with four teams each made up of 15 skaters and a goalie. Trust us, you need the subs when playing three games in one night. Afterwards we have food and beverages. In total the event lasts about 3.5 hours.

How does the Friday Night Special translate into the regular Shinny programs?

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The Friday Night Special is the same format (no refs, no face-offs) as the regular Shinny USA programs, just at night and not in the morning. Also we don’t have food and beverages after morning Shinny either — except sometimes around the holidays.

Anything else you think everyone should know?

This is a great opportunity to invite friends to come and see what Shinny USA is all about. Family and friends who don’t want to get out on the ice can still come watch for free.

Shinny USA Friday Night Special

Shinny USA’s Friday Night Special

This year’s Friday Night Special will be held on October 4th at Ice Line in West Chester. The cost is $80 per skater and the event is limited to the first 60 skaters and four goalies who sign up. To register, contact Pat at We hope to see you there!