Shinny USA can Help You Reach Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

January has come and gone, which means that statistically speaking, 30% of you have already bailed on your fitness resolutions. But why is sticking to a New Year’s fitness resolution so hard? It all comes down to the simple fact that most people make resolutions without considering the details of how to achieve them. So if you need help sticking to your resolution, or getting back on track, this article is for you. We’ll be covering how playing sports, specifically ice hockey, can solve the biggest issues when it comes to sticking to your fitness resolution.

Fight Against Burnout

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For some people, hitting the gym and doing repetitive workouts is all they need in order to stay in shape. But that style of exercise isn’t for everyone. While working out at the gym is still certainly important, playing sports is a great way to get in many of the same workouts, but in a fun environment. Would you rather do high-intensity interval workouts at the gym or play a sport with high-intensity intervals like Ice hockey? Since you’re reading this, we’ll assume you chose the latter.

The number one reason people abandon any sort of New Year’s resolution is burnout. Doing the same thing over and over again isn’t very fun, and they end up quitting. The key to surviving fitness burnout is to change up your exercises and include something you truly enjoy — like ice hockey!

Everything is more fun with Friends

Ice hockey comaraderie

If you’ve ever worked out with friends, or if you have designated workout buddies, then you’ll know how much easier it can make exercising. This goes back to the first point, but exercising with other people is a great way to prevent burnout. And when you play a sport, everyone you play with is your workout buddy.

There’s also the fact that having other people who are counting on you to show up helps keep you active. If you’ve made plans with your teammates to show up, you can’t simply bail on them, which means you’ll be more likely to get out and exercise. How many times have you skipped the gym in the morning because you just didn’t feel like going that day? When you play a sport, if someone doesn’t show up it has a negative impact on everyone else — and nobody wants to be responsible for that.

And if you don’t currently have friends to play a sport with, there are adult leagues you can join — like Shinny USA! When you participate in an adult hockey league, making friends is easy since everyone has a shared love of the sport.

Stick to a Schedule and have a Deadline

Exercise Schedule

Sticking to a schedule is one of the most difficult parts of a fitness resolution. It’s easy to say that you’re taking a day off from exercise, and then that becomes two days, and then three. And before you know it, you’ve abandoned your resolution. Playing a sport can help solve this problem, especially if you’re a member of a league. Leagues have designated game schedules which will help. They also generally meet at the same times each day/week which makes getting into a routine all the easier.

In addition to having a schedule, having a reasonable deadline is also a good idea. Many people set unreasonable goals for themselves, or simply don’t give themselves enough time to achieve those goals. If you have a major goal for the entire year, try breaking it down into smaller, more tangible goals in the short term. For example, before the season begins, perhaps your goal could be to be fit enough to not be completely winded after one play. And this leads directly into the next section.

Have a Non Weight Related Goal

Weight Loss

Too often, people set goals for themselves which directly relate to their weight. Either they want to lose a certain amount of weight or achieve their goal weight by a set date.

This is a bad idea.

Your weight can fluctuate wildly and is impacted by many factors outside of your control. Instead, try setting a goal that has to do with your sport (ice hockey). Maybe your goal is to score a certain number of points in a season, or a certain number of assists/passes (be a team player!) Even team goals, like having a positive final record in your league, are good too. What you’ll come to find is that, while you’re completing these sport-related goals, you’ll also be getting in shape without thinking about it. And let’s be honest, tracking your hockey stats is a lot more fun and less stressful than tracking your weight.


Ice hockey, and playing sports in general, has a number of benefits when it comes to sticking to your New Year’s fitness resolution. You won’t burn out as fast when exercising in a way you enjoy and your teammates will hold you accountable. Additionally, having a set exercise schedule will keep you on track, and playing in an adult sports league can help with that. And, your goal should not be related to your weight, but rather to your sport.

Finally, remember that supplementing your hockey with routine fitness training can help you make the most of it and avoid injury. Sometimes you still need to hit the gym even if it isn’t the most exciting!

Shinny USA

Shinny USA can help you get in shape while playing the sport you love. We have ice slots six days per week at a variety of locations, so there’s always an opportunity to get your exercise in. Contact us today for more information about our adult hockey programs. We look forward to seeing you out on the ice!