Welcome to Morning Shinny

Our flagship Morning Shinny program consists of full 5-on-5, no-ref, pick-up style hockey games. The schedule follows rolling 2-month “seasons” with guaranteed ice time for those enrolled each season. When numbers dictate, multiple games at varying levels are facilitated.

All ice slots begin at 6:00am and are 75 minutes long, unless otherwise noted. While pretty consistent, all schedules are subject to change based on rink availability.

7 Rink Locations:

  • Ice Line – West Chester (Mon thru Fri)
  • Ice Works – Aston (Tue/Thu/Fri)
  • Skatium – Havertown (Mon/Wed/Fri)
  • Center Ice – Oaks (Tue/Fri/Sat)
  • Hatfield Ice Arena – Hatfield (Tue & Thu)
  • Class of 23 Rink – UPENN (Fri only / 5:35am start)
  • Skating Club of Wilmington – DE (Sat only)
  • (Note: We don’t do Sundays. Even Shinny-aholics need a day off.)

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