Author: Pat Cronin

Breaking in New Hockey Equipment

Breaking in new hockey equipment New hockey equipment never feels quite as good as your old equipment, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong […]

7 Benefits of Early Morning Exercise

benefits of early morning exercise There are too many benefits of early morning exercise to go over in this one article. But that should give […]

Don’t be THAT Guy (or Gal)

That guy playing rough shinny It’s game seven of the series, you’re about to make your big break, and the crowd is chanting your name […]

3 Common (No Contact) Hockey Injuries

Ice hockey puck Considering ice hockey is a contact sport, injuries are bound to happen as a result of players colliding. But Shinny […]

What is “Shinny?”

Indoor Hockey Rink For many, the word “shinny” evokes memories of playing pick-up hockey with their friends when they were younger. However, if […]

Spotting Concussion Symptoms

concussion Even though pick-up/rec league hockey is typically ‘no check,’ certain levels of contact are inevitable in such a fast-paced sport. […]