Author: Pat Cronin

7 Benefits of Early Morning Exercise

benefits of early morning exercise There are too many benefits of early morning exercise to go over in this one article. But that should give […]

Don’t be THAT Guy (or Gal)

That guy playing rough shinny It’s game seven of the series, you’re about to make your big break, and the crowd is chanting your name […]

3 Common (No Contact) Hockey Injuries

Ice hockey puck Considering ice hockey is a contact sport, injuries are bound to happen as a result of players colliding. But Shinny […]

What is “Shinny?”

Indoor Hockey Rink For many, the word “shinny” evokes memories of playing pick-up hockey with their friends when they were younger. However, if […]

Spotting Concussion Symptoms

concussion Even though pick-up/rec league hockey is typically ‘no check,’ certain levels of contact are inevitable in such a fast-paced sport. […]

Puck Protection Tips & Tricks

puck protection drills Puck protection is an important skill that any hockey player can always improve. By practicing and learning new and different […]

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