Author: Pat Cronin

Tips for Improving Your Hockey Play

Composite hockey stick Are you looking to up your hockey game? For this article, we have 5 tips that can benefit players of […]

Different Ways to Hit the Ice

There are many ways for hockey fans to have fun out on the ice regardless of their skill level. What […]

Ice Hockey Skate Care & Maintenance

Hockey skates Ice hockey skate care and maintenance are important for two reasons. First, they’re your only points of contact with the […]

Choosing an Ice Hockey Helmet

Ice hockey helmet with a face visor Although sticks and skates are necessities for playing ice hockey, the most important piece of equipment is arguably the helmet. […]

Hockey Stick Material: Wood or Composite?

Hockey stick material Hockey stick material construction generally falls into two categories: Wooden and composite. It’s also possible to have a mixture of […]