Shinny USA Waiver and Release Form

I, intending to be legally bound and to bind my heirs, administrators, executors, personal representatives, successors and assigns (collectively, “I” or “My”), hereby covenant and agree with Shinny USA, Inc. and its shareholders (collectively, the “Released Parties”) that: (1) I understand that ice hockey and all related activities involve strenuous physical effort, inherently dangerous activities and the risk of death, bodily injury and property damage, and I hereby assume all risks relating to my participation in any and all events sponsored by Shinny USA, Inc.; (2) I hereby waive, release and discharge the Released Parties from, and shall protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Released Parties from and against, any and all suits, actions, causes of action, claims, arbitrations, proceedings, damages, personal injuries, liabilities, judgments, losses, costs and expenses (including without limitation legal fees) in any way relating to: any accident, death, injury, damage, loss, act or omission occurring during My participation in and at the relevant event.

Please Enter your full name, address and today’s date. This constitutes a digital signature by you and is legally binding to the terms agreed upon above.

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ShinnyUSA Referral Form

All Shinny USA participants are eligible to participate in the Shinny USA Referral Program. Under our Referral Program, current Shinny USA participants will be awarded a $50 credit for every eligible New Participant who enrolls in and pays a season entry fee. For this program, an eligible New Participant is defined as someone who is not currently enrolled in any Shinny USA program, and who have never before participated in any Shinny USA program or event. Upon the successful enrollment of a new participant and receipt of the new participant’s season fee, the referring participant’s account balance will be credited $50 for each successful referral. The credit may be applied to any Shinny USA program or merchandise purchase. Credits may not be redeemed for cash, nor can they be transferred to any other participant. Referrals may not be retroactive. If a New Participant is referred by more than one current participant, only the first Referral Form received will be deemed valid and honored. Only referrals made using this Referral Form will be considered valid. A separate Referral Form is required for each referral.

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