Benefits of Playing Recreational Hockey as an Adult

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The best thing about playing recreational sports (like hockey) as an adult is that there are so many benefits that come with it. It’s a good way to get some exercise, improve your mental health, relieve stress, be a part of a community, and bond with your family. There’s something to be gained from playing sports for everyone, regardless of age.

Get in Physical Shape

Exercise is the most obvious benefit of playing a sport like hockey recreationally. It can be hard to find the motivation to go to the gym or work out on your own when you have to also balance your work and family life. Recreational sports solve that problem by turning exercise into a fun activity you actually look forward to.

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Hockey is one of the most physically demanding sports

Ice hockey affects your body the same way a high-intensity interval workout does.

When it comes to hockey as an exercise, it can’t be beaten. It works out your entire body with high-intensity intervals, which is better for burning fat and building muscle than longer, marathon-style exercise. It also works out your cardiovascular system, promoting a healthier heart and lungs, which only gets more important as you age. And, skating around the rink works wonders for maintaining your balance too.

Improve your Mental Health

Getting out, having fun, and being a part of a team are all good for your mental health — especially after a year of staying at home! It can sometimes be difficult to see that your mental health has been suffering until you do something that begins to improve it. You might find that hockey is exactly what you’ve been needing.

Being active can help prevent feelings of loneliness and depression. It gives you something fun to put effort into, releases feel-good chemicals into your system like endorphins, and can remind you of good memories from when you played sports when you were younger. You might even find that you have more fun playing sports as an adult than you ever have before.

The last way recreational sports can improve your mental health is through your teammates. Teammates can be great motivators. Whether you have goals that are related to hockey, or have to do with something off the ice, having teammates to support you can’t be overstated.

Relieve Stress from Work

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Playing sports (and exercising in general) is a great way to relieve stress, which ties back into improving your mental health. Simply being active relieves stress. But there’s something special about using a stick to smack a puck around on the ice as part of some friendly competition.

At Shinny USA, we have early morning play sessions that allow you to start the day off right by de-stressing before heading to work. Or, join us for our Friday and Saturday night games to de-stress after work and over the weekend. With sessions happening almost every day of the week at one location or another, there are plenty of opportunities to hit the ice.

Be a Part of a Community

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Chances are that you want to join Shinny because you’re interested in playing ice hockey with like-minded adults around your age. That’s exactly the kind of community environment we foster; everyone who participates in Shinny does so because they love playing hockey! Winning is nice, but as long as we’re all having fun, that’s what matters most.

We have an inclusive community of all ages (21+) and all skill levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20s or 80s, or whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran on the ice. Everyone can participate in the action, as well as the festivities afterward. It’s a great way to make new friends and expand your social circle.

Bond with Your Kids (or Grandkids)

Many Shinny members joined after their children (or grandchildren) began playing youth hockey. There’s nothing quite like seeing the little ones hitting the ice to give you the urge to be out there yourself. You may have played when you were younger and were reminded of how much fun hockey is. Or, you may see how much fun they’re having and decide to give it a go yourself.

Regardless of which describes your situation, getting involved in hockey yourself can give you something to bond with your kids or grandkids over. You can talk about all your (and their) great plays! And maybe they’ll even come to watch your games just as you do theirs.

Shinny USA Adult Hockey League

There are many benefits of playing recreational ice hockey as an adult. It’s a great way to get in shape, a natural way to improve your mental health, a constructive way to relieve stress from work, a fun way to be part of a community, and an enjoyable way to bond with your children.

If you’re ready to take advantage of all these benefits, sign up for Shinny USA today! Our 2-month seasons are the perfect length for newer players who aren’t quite ready to commit to the longer seasons similar leagues have. But, we’re sure you’ll enjoy your time with us so much you’ll come back for more!