The Perks of Being a Goaltender

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Have you ever considered being an ice hockey goalie? Are you interested in becoming one for an adult recreational league? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you’ll be glad to know that goalies are always in demand. Goalies are the most important players on the ice, and it’s hard to have a proper match without one. Because of this, goalies often get special perks when participating in leagues, such as spending the most time on the ice and playing for free. Plus, being a goalie is also more fun than most people realize!

The Goalie is the Most Important Position on the Ice

Every player on a team is important, but the goalie is the most important of them all. A team can’t play without a goalie — and if they do, they’re almost guaranteed to lose the match. The goalie can single-handedly (literally) save a play if the puck gets past their teammates. And when you consider the fast-paced nature of hockey, that happens quite frequently. Imagine if every shot on goal resulted in a score and you’ll suddenly realize just how important the goalie actually is. But despite this importance, there is actually a general shortage of goalies. And this is where the perks of being a goalie really stem from.

Goalies get the Most Time on the Ice

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Typically, when you play hockey as part of a league you will rotate on and off the ice with other players. These shifts generally last only a few minutes at a time. The first reason for these shifts is that there are often more players than available positions on the ice. The second is that skating hard while chasing the puck during a match actually wears you out more than you would expect. However, the goalie doesn’t have to switch out with anyone.

Because there’s usually only one goalie per team, they don’t have to swap out with anyone. They get to stay on the ice for the entire match, which is something many other players wish they could do (even if they would run out of stamina). From a time spent on-ice perspective, goalies certainly get their money’s worth — or at least they would if they had to pay.

Goalies Play for Free

That’s right. While everyone else has to pay to play in hockey rec leagues, goalies play for free! Goalie gear is often more expensive than the gear for other players. So in order to encourage more goalies to get involved, most leagues opt not to charge goalies in order to reduce the financial barrier to entry for these important players. Some leagues and rinks even provide additional perks to their goalies, such as reserving premium parking spots just for them.

Blocking Shots on Goal is Fun!

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Something that most players don’t realize is just how rewarding and how much fun it can be to be a goalie. They think that because the goalie stays between the pipes rather than skating around the rink, that position won’t be as much fun. This is false! There’s no better feeling than saving the day by blocking a shot on goal after the opposing team has gotten past your defenders. This will make you the hero of the team on par with whoever scored the most points.

Put another way, What’s the highlight of the game for most players? When they score a goal, of course. And what’s the highlight of the game for a goalie? Blocking shots on goal. Now, who do you think gets more of these highlights per game? The goalie! While a player may only score once or twice in a game, a goalie can block upwards of 20 shots — each one its own highlight.

And to top it all off, goalies get the best seat in the house: Right on the ice! So even when you’re not actively blocking shots, there’s no better place to be.


Goalies are the most important players in hockey because without them every shot on goal would score. This is why goalies are always in demand — we can’t play without them. If you’re interested in playing as a goaltender in rec league games, you’ll get some sweet perks including getting the most time on the ice, playing for free, and having fun! You’ll also have the appreciation of the other players because we all know how vital goalies are.

Shinny USA

Shinny USA is currently in need of additional goalies. Whether you’re a current goalie looking for a new league to participate in, or you’re looking to get into goaltending, we’re interested in having you join us on the ice. Contact us today to learn more about our ice hockey programs and how you can get involved.